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Project Description

The MOK Operating System is an operating system that is designed to learn from what the user is doing and adjust the operating system setting and functions in accordance with the settings that are best for what the primary actions of the user are.


An example of the usage for this type of operating system is the medical career field, where the doctor will have filled out the same prescription form for multiple patients, then the operating system will compare the input given by the doctor and "memorize" the common factor such as the date or the remarks. Then after so many times of the same pattern being detected the operating system will have the application automatically fill in the remarks, but still have them editable by the doctor. This could be used to learn the common misspellings of the doctor and correct the spelling if need be.

Hello all! Lets get the project underway, contact me on Skype at DexDevelopment, I hope you are excited!

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